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Friday, August 11, 2017

Trust God for Indescribable Joy

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  You may have to wait for God’s best plan, but His joy is all along the way! 

            Is there anything harder than waiting?!  I’ll admit, I am not very good at it! Whether we are expecting something good, bad or unknown, it’s hard to wait!  What about unanswered prayers?  Do you find it difficult to wait on God’s plan?  Many of us will confess that we try to “help” God when He doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough.

            That’s what Sarah did! She was too old to have child…or so she thought….though God had PROMISED. So she ‘helped Him’ by putting her own plan into action.  And you know that story…She ultimately regretted that move.  We can understand Sarah’s impatience.  She’d waited 90 years for a baby; it looked as if it was not going to happen with Plan A.  So she went to Plan B; she eventually found out she had made a major mess! 

            Is there something you’ve asked God for and you are getting impatient that He has not yet answered that prayer?  We should learn from Sarah and realize that the waiting, may be a part of His plan. Stand firm, unwavering in your faith, and trust God completely for His perfect timing.  

            May we remember that “God is not bound by what usually happens; he can stretch the limits and cause unheard of events to occur.”*  Trust God for indescribable joy!

*Life Application Study Bible notes

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