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Friday, March 4, 2016

Striking Out in the Joy Game?

           Have you had your Joy Juice today?  We especially need it when we feel as though we are defeated.

            One of my favorite tv commercials is about a little boy who is playing baseball alone in the park.  He shouts (mainly for himself to hear), “I’m the best hitter in the world.” He throws the ball into the air, swings and misses.  “STRIKE ONE!” he shouts.  Again he tosses the ball into the air, announcing “I’m the best hitter in the world!” He swings & misses again.  “STRIKE TWO!”  He puts the bat between his knees, spits in his hands, rubs his palms together, grasps the bat once more and with much determination he says: “I’m the best hitter in the world!”  We are SURE he will get a hit this time.  But as he swings at the ball, he misses again! “STRIKE THREE!”

            His little head drops for just a couple of seconds in discouragement; but, then, with a look of realization, he lifts his head with a sparkle in his eyes and big grin on his face!  He announces to anyone and everyone who is within hearing distance: “I’M THE BEST PITCHER IN THE WORLD!”

            How often do we feel as if we are striking out in the “joy game” of life?  We know that the Bible tells us to “rejoice always” and we really would like to do just that, but we often fail.   

Instead of getting discouraged about what we CANNOT do, let’s realize:  “God’s grace is sufficient” and if we allow Him to be our “coach”, He will help us to become what He created us to be.

Don’t try to play this “joy game” alone.  God wants to be with you every “play” of life!


  1. Love this commercial too & love how you used it to encourage us all too!!! You do a great job with your postings & stories that we love !!!

  2. Thank you, Stan! You are a great encouragement to me! May we all keep striving to share the joy of the Lord along our way....even when we feel we've "struck out"! Truly, God's grace IS sufficient!