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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Model Joy and Make a Difference

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  Follow the example of those who have proven themselves to be wise and full of joy in the Lord. 

            We can glean wisdom and truth by reading about people in the Bible. Let’s look again at  Eli, the High Priest and Judge who trained Samuel. Samuel served in several important positions during his lifetime.  He had God’s favor because he knew how to obey. Eli was a positive influence in the life of Samuel.  Let’s think about some of the important lessons Eli instilled in Samuel’s heart and life.  He taught Samuel:

  • To be pure – not defiled by the influences of the world. 
  • To be peaceable – to value peace between people and God.
  • He taught him to be patient and gentle in correcting others and dealing with other’s weaknesses.
  • To be willing to yield – even in disagreement.
  • Eli taught Samuel to be full of mercy – willing to forgive and have compassion on sinners and the less fortunate.
  • He taught him the importance of “Good Fruits” – which should be evident from the behavior and the life one leads.
  • To be without partiality – not to judge based on external appearances, but on the heart.
  • And he taught Samuel to be sincere, real, genuine…without hypocrisy.

Because Samuel exhibited these great qualities, He did become a Godly man and impacted many people of his time. We can still learn from his example today.

Are we making a positive impact on those in our sphere of influence?  Model joy in the Lord and you WILL make a difference!  

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