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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Joy is a Process

            Have you had your Joy Juice today? To drink in His joy every day is one of those “new morning mercies” that scripture talks about!

            Author Paul David Tripp writes: “God’s work in you is a process, not an event.  It progresses not in three or four huge moments, but in ten thousand little moments of change.  Personal heart and life change is always a process.”

            What does that mean for you and me?  Here are my thoughts:

  •  We can’t expect to be instantly “fixed”…becoming the “perfect” Christian on one particular date in time.  Becoming more like Christ is a daily process.
  •  There are thousands of small moment opportunities for spiritual growth.  We have to realize them for what they are and seek God’s guidance in what He is trying to teach us, in the hard times, as well as the good.
  •  What we CAN expect is that TODAY can be the day that God begins a process of change in our hearts…if we are willing.
  • Through God’s abundant grace we can experience His abundant joy.

Paul Tripp adds:
“We (often) fail to seek the grace that is offered to us.  The character of a life that is formed in those little moments shapes how we respond to the big moments of life.  And what makes all of this character change possible? Relentless, transforming, little-moment grace. So, let’s wake up each day committed to live in the small moments of our daily lives… with open eyes and humble expectant hearts!”
               Moment by moment let’s recognize God’s grace and His gifts of joy.

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