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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Tribute of Joy (Janis Luke Roberts)

                Have you had your Joy Juice today? Have an extra serving in honor of a dear friend’s birthday! 

                Today is a special day! For many years…on this date, I’ve had the joyful privilege of telling one of my dearest friends:  “Now, you are as old as I am!”  Our birthdays are six days apart…and for those six days, Janis Roberts….my childhood friend, always reminded me that I was OLDER than she! From kindergarten to high school, from child-rearing days to enjoying our grandkids, we had a close, fun, teasing, loving relationship—which made for lots of precious memories.

                 This birthday is very different. A few months ago, we lost this unique lady who brought such joy to many, many people throughout her journey here on earth.  She always told us, “I love every bone in your body….especially your funny bone!” And she meant that! She loved large and made each of us feel special.  That was a God-given gift—one that she didn’t keep to herself.  She generously shared….laughter, love and a whole lot of genuine JOY in the Lord.

                Tears are a part of the grieving process.  There will always be a part of my heart reserved especially for her.  But in the midst of missing her immensely, there is joy in knowing that, as Christians, we will see her again. Heaven truly must be a more joyful place because of her being there.  Janis left a legacy….a legacy of joy.

                I would like to encourage you to leave a legacy.  Live each day to the fullest and share God’s love & joy with your world…just as Janis Luke Roberts did!!!

 “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.”  Matthew 25:23

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  1. What a Beautiful tribute to your(and all who knew her)special,joyful friend.