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Monday, August 15, 2016

Listen! It's a Mulitude of Joy!

               Have you had your Joy Juice today?  When we are focusing on the joy of Jesus, we can hear His voice more clearly.

                Do you know when God is speaking to you?  Is your heart in tune with His so that you recognize His promptings?  We will not hear God’s audible voice with our physical ears, but if our spiritual ears are open and expectant, then we can certainly hear God’s voice.

                Author and speaker, Priscilla Shirer tell us that there are some guidelines that help us to hear God accurately. She calls them the five M’s of correctly hearing God. In her words:

  • Look for the MESSAGE of the Spirit.  Consciously turn your attention inward to see if the message carries the weight of God or if it is the unsure, unsteady voice of your own conscience.
  •     Live in the MODE of prayer.  Throughout your day when the issue comes to mind, don’t spend time worrying; spend time handling it over to God in prayer.

  •  Search out the MODEL of Scripture. Does what you think you’re hearing in any way contradict the character of God or the Word of God?
  •     Submit to the MINISTRY of Eli. Seek the counsel of a wise, more mature believer who discerns God’s leading in his or her own life.

  • Expect the MERCY of confirmation. Ask the Lord to confirm what you’ve heard. *

When we follow these five M’s, we will find a Multitude of Joy!  

         Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer

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