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Friday, April 7, 2017

Claim God's Promises

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  You never have to wait for your personal serving.

            There are many times we have to wait. We wait in traffic; we wait to check out at the grocery store. Most times, we have to wait in the doctor’s office for our turn to talk with the doctor.  We wait ‘til our dinner is ready; or the mailman comes with the package we’ve ordered. As a former kindergarten teacher and a mom, I can tell you that one of the hardest things children have to learn is to wait their turn.  Some of us adults have a hard time with that concept, too. 

            I must admit that one of the difficult things about our faith is to wait on answers to prayer.  Now, sometimes the answers come quickly or in a timely manner.  But many of us will experience impatience over having to wait on the answer to a prayer we’ve prayed for a long, long time. Susie Larson, in her book, Your Powerful Prayers, encourages us with these words:

"When we get weary in the waiting, we’re at risk of loosening our grip on God’s promises because:

  •     We forget about God’s past faithfulness.

  •  We doubt God’s current activity in our midst.

  •  We blame Him for our trouble.

When we reside in that time in-between, it’s common for us to be so focused on the angst in our heart and on the unmet desires in our lives that we forget that God has never failed us in the past. And He has always come through at just the right time.”

            Claim God’s promises; trust in His faithfulness and bask in the joy of His perfect timing.

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