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Monday, February 8, 2016

Overflowing Fountain of Joy

            Have you had your JOY JUICE today?  My cup is overflowing this morning with an outrageous and contagious flavor of JOY in the Lord.

            Have you experienced the JOY of worshiping with people who are not ashamed of their love for the Lord and who openly give Him praise and honor?  There is nothing that compares with the sweet, contagious spirit of glorifying the Lord together, lifting our voices and hearts before Him!  Differences seem to fade and the focus is on one God! 

            I experienced that this weekend…… and that’s why my heart is bubbling like a fountain of joy today!  At the OUTRAGEOUS & CONTAGIOUS 5 Conference, women from all over our community and our state joined hearts and received immeasurable blessings of JOY.   Though each person came from a different background and stage of life, we all were sisters in Christ and accepted each other as family.  Because of that sweet spirit, God was able to move in our midst, touching hearts and drawing us closer to Him. The theme of the event was “REJOICE” and God truly blessed with much rejoicing!

            You don’t have to be at a conference or even at church to hear God speak.  He wants to speak to you where-ever you are!   Open the eyes and ears of your heart and be ready to hear His message of love and joy. 

           Be an outrageous and contagious Christian by learning to hear God’s voice and by splashing in His Fountain of Joy!

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