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Friday, February 26, 2016

Follow The Good Shepherd Down the Path of Joy

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  If perchance, you are feeling weak and tired, let God help you to be strengthened by His joy!

            We’ve talked a lot this week about being busy and tired. The 23rd Psalm tells us that we should rest by letting the Lord….our Shepherd…lead us by those “still waters” and by lying down in the green pastures He provides.  How does a shepherd lead his sheep? First of all the sheep must recognize the shepherd’s voice; then they must trust him! 

            Phillip Keller gives us insight: "The strange thing about sheep, he writes, is that because of their very make-up it is almost impossible to make them lie down unless four requirements are met.

1.       Because of their timid nature they refuse to lie down unless they are free from all fear.
2.       Because of the social behavior within a flock, sheep will not lie down unless they are free from friction with others
3.      If tormented by flies or parasites, sheep will not lie down. Only when free of these pests can they relax.
4.      Lastly, sheep will not lie down as long as they feel hungry."

            How does this apply to us spiritually?  We must recognize His voice and trust our Shepherd completely, so that we are free from fear. We must allow him to take care of all our pesky problems and our physical needs. When troubles come, it is so easy to get our eyes off God and obsess over our problems. But as our Shepherd, God faithfully guards and guides His sheep, and provides for us. 

           The Good Shepherd is waiting to lead you down the path of JOY!

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