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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Listen Joyfully

Have you had your Joy Juice today?   Listen carefully and you may be able to hear God speaking His JOY right into your heart!

In a devotional entitled “Hearing God” by Hugh Poland, he quotes a deaf baseball player by the name of Curtis Pride. Curtis said:

"There have been many times that I wished I could hear God speak to me audibly to give me direction. Sometimes I think it would be great to simply surf over to so that I could understand what God is saying. Or maybe God would just arrange the clouds into letters and spell out his plans for my life. I would even take a text message on my cell phone from God."  

Though you and I may not have physical hearing problems, we can identify with Curtis! We want to hear God clearly, don’t we?  

The writer goes on to explain: “Those are all methods of communicating from the outside in. Instead, God has put the Holy Spirit in our hearts to speak to us from the inside out, so that we might develop other spiritual senses—a growing faith, the mind of Christ, conviction, a persevering heart, a spirit that bears witness with another Christ-like spirit.”

Instead of waiting on an audible voice or searching the internet for answers; rather than hoping we can find God’s leading in the clouds or from a text message, let’s go to God in prayer and simply ask for guidance.  Let’s open our Bible and seek His voice through the scriptures. Our God is faithful and He will provide just what we need…in His perfect timing.

 Listen to God as He speaks to your heart. 

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