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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Barnabas Shared Joy...Do You?

          Have you had your Joy Juice today?  Be an encourager like Barnabas and find ways to lift others up as you share the joy of the Lord.

            In the book of Acts we read about Barnabas; at first, we find him selling some land to help provide for his Christian brothers and sisters. (Act 4:36-37) They were in severe economic need and Barnabas did what he could to help. As we read more about him, we find that he had a giving, encouraging personality and was always striving to exhort others and help as he could.

            An interesting fact about Barnabas is that this was not always his name. His given name was Joseph, but the apostles gave him a nickname that stayed with him for the rest of his life! Barnabas means “Son of Encouragement” or “Son of Exhortation”. (Acts 4:36) What a tribute to this man…that the apostles of Christ would choose such a name. Because Barnabas was filled with the Holy Spirit and allowed his life to be used by God, he excelled at lifting others up and exhorting them…thus his “new name”.  
           Dan Dowd asks the question: “Was Barnabas a perfect man? No, of course he wasn't. But God records the histories of men such as Barnabas to show us what great things He can do through men and women who strive to overcome their human nature and yield to Him. Barnabas lived up to the good name others gave him, and his example is one that all of us would do well to follow.”

           Do people see you as a Barnabas?  Encourage others and share the joy of Jesus!

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