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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Priorty Goal: JOY in JESUS!

                Have you had your Joy Juice today?  Is joy in the Lord a priority goal that you have set in your life?

                By studying the book of Philippians, we learn from Paul’s example that if we want to be spiritually “successful”, it is necessary to set a personal goal of having a committed, growing relationship with the Lord.  We should be completely committed to becoming more and more like Christ, every day. THAT should be our priority goal.  However, this does not mean that we are limited in our goal setting.  It just means that the goals we do set, will be Godly goals, directed by His leading.  

                In his book Success God’s Way, Charles Stanley gives a list of goals which “fit” with God’s priority goal for every Christian. He says our goals should be:

·         To walk in the Spirit daily
·         To experience the same kind of awesome Holy Spirit power that Jesus Christ experienced
·         To serve God in the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power
·         To maximize our full potential
·         To use all of our talents and abilities in the way God created them to be used
·         To fulfill God’s purpose for our life
·         To experience and enjoy life to its fullest
·         To have a feeling of deep and abiding satisfaction that we have fulfilled God’s goals in our life
·         To know the JOY that comes in knowing Christ.

               Let’s set a priority goal of “joy in Jesus” and be ready for Him to show us sub-goals that fit with that priority goal.  

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