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Friday, July 15, 2016

Discipline of Prayer & Fruit of Joy

                Have you had your JOY JUICE today?  I pray that your heart will be filled with joy as you bask in the love of Christ.

                If you’ve listened this week to our JOY JUICE segments, you are aware that we have been looking at the life of Nehemiah to glean leadership principles and truths about living a Godly, committed life. One of the main themes throughout this book is “prayer”.  The discipline of prayer will do more to equip us for life and its unexpected turns and twists than anything else we can do.

  • It is NOT our attempt to gain the Lord’s favor or to get Him to give us what we think we need.
  • It is NOT the means by which we become successful by the world’s standards.
  • There is NO magic formula for prayer.

The basic truth is…The Lord loves us; and he wants to provide what’s best for us, so we don’t need to DO anything to persuade or convince Him.  Prayer does not change God, but it changes us as we open our hearts to him.  Nehemiah’s example points out several things we need to know about prayer:

    1. Far more important than the time we spend in prayer is our attitude of prayer. Are we genuinely humble and are our hearts pure?
    2. When we pray do we offer God authentic, heartfelt praise…putting all thoughts of ourselves aside to concentrate on our adoration of God?
    3. A vital part of our prayer life should be the recollection of God’s faithfulness through the years. Do we always remember what He has done for us and worship Him for Who He is?

Let’s equip ourselves with the discipline of prayer and the fruit of joy!

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