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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

JOY....Born of the Spirit

          Have you had your Joy Juice today?  Drinking in the joy of the Lord makes you want to drink in more and more of His joy!

            In the passage Romans 8:5-6 we read about the desires of the flesh and the desires of the Spirit.  Author Susie Larson explains the difference:

“Flesh gives birth to more of the flesh; spirit gives birth to more of God’s Spirit.  Anything born of the flesh is destined for death (death of our dreams, our peace, our joy, our perspective); anything born of the Spirit has eternal wings and flies from this life to the next.  This applies to every area of the believer’s life: our thoughts, our service, our ambitions and our motives. Even the way we love.  If our actions are born out of our fleshly striving, self-preservation, and unbelief, we’ll cause more harm than good. But if what we do springs from that abiding place of intimacy with God, life and peace will abound, in this life and the next.”  (Your Beautiful Purpose)
                That fills my heart with hope, joy and peace! And I pray it touches your heart in the same way! Our world offers us many kinds of temptations and pleasures.  Some are good and others are sinful.  Even the good things may not be God’s best for us. That’s why we need the Spirit’s leading…and why we need to be committed to God rather than our own fleshly desires.  

                Let’s pray for each other to be determined to seek God’s best plan by allowing the Holy Spirit to govern our lives.

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