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Friday, December 18, 2015

Will You Find Christmas Joy?

Have you had your Joy Juice today?  Christmas JOY is a beautiful gift.  

            We’ve talked a lot this week about the having the genuine Christmas spirit. We know that we should look past the parties, the presents, the baking and decorating; all the busyness that surrounds this time of year.  To find Christmas JOY, we need to look toward Jesus. 

             Rick Warren asks the question: “What will you find at Christmas?”  He states that we spend most of our Christmas season searching for the perfect gift, the huge bargain, the ideal decorations, the last parking spot.  At the very first Christmas, many people missed it because they were too busy looking for other things.  The politicians missed the first Christmas.  The business community missed the first Christmas.  The innkeeper missed the first Christmas.  Even the religious establishment missed the first Christmas, because they were looking at other things.  The only people who enjoyed the very first Christmas were the people who were looking for it.  The angels told the shepherds, “You’ll find the baby…lying in a manger.” And the shepherds said: “Let’s go see!”

                The shepherds found Jesus because they were searching for Him.  And later on, another group, the wise men, found Jesus because they were looking for Him, too. “Wise men came from the East, asking ‘Where is the baby….We have come to worship Him.’” (Matt.2:1-2)

                 What are you going to find this Christmas?  Each of us will find what we’re really looking for!  My prayer is that we all will look for Jesus….and find ourselves being lavished in His love and JOY!

               Continually seek the true Christmas spirit that can be found only in Jesus. 

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