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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dear God, Thank You for the Joy of JESUS!

            Have you had your JOY JUICE today?  We need to make certain that we’re drinking it faithfully throughout this busy Christmas season….if not we may forget the reason we’re celebrating!

            Some of us are beginning to get Christmas cards and updates from friends and family members that we wait for all year long.  Christmas is the perfect time to exchange greetings with loved ones; after all, LOVE is the reason God sent His Son Jesus to earth. 

            Yesterday I made a suggestion about encouraging our children to write a letter of thanks to God.  Just think of all the letters to Santa that are written every year around this time.  So often we completely leave God out of the celebration when HE is the reason we celebrate Christmas.   It saddens my heart that so many people miss this truth. Some even want to remove all the Christian symbols and traditions of the season.  Let’s do our part in making sure that CHRIST remains the center of our holidays…and daily lives.

            So, how about joining me as we write our own letter to God?  Maybe it should say something like this:

Dear God, 
     Thank you for loving me more than I can ever comprehend.  Thank you for this season of the year—Christmas time—when we celebrate the birth of your Son, Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for the reminders during this Christmas season that Your love is always available. May I show my love and thankfulness to you, Father, by spreading the JOY of the Lord throughout every season of the year!

            May you be led to write own Christmas letter of gratitude to the Lord.  A grateful heart is a joyful heart….especially at Christmas!

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