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Monday, December 21, 2015

"J" is for Joy in Jesus!

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  If not, you’ve got to taste it!  It’s extra sweet because this is the week of Christmas!

            Since Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas, don’t you think it's fitting for us to really focus on Him this week?  Let’s spell out His name and talk about things that remind us of the real Christmas by using every letter in His name: J E S U S.

            The first letter is J.  How appropriate that Jesus and JOY begin with the same letter.  Let’s never forget that we would have no Christmas JOY if it were not for the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Joseph also begins with the letter J.  Joseph had to be a very special man to be selected to be Jesus’ earthly daddy.    He was a direct descendant from David and a gracious man who kept the laws and was well respected.

                That’s Jesus, Joy and Joseph that begin with the letter J.  Can you think of another?  What about John…Jesus’ forerunner. In John 3:30, he speaks of fulfillment, “This is my joy and it is complete. He must increase while I must decrease”  John the Baptist was pointing the way to true joy.

 While still in his mother’s womb, John began his prophecy by Jumping with
JOY (Luke 1:41,44) because he knew the Messiah was present.  In this Christmas season our hearts too should leap with joy at the thought of the baby in Bethlehem's manger. 

             I'm praying that your heart is so full of Jesus that you are leaping with joy.  

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