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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stand Strong...and With Joy!

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  If you desire to have a strong faith with deep roots, be determined to drink the JOY of Jesus faithfully!

            Picture with me, if you will, a big, majestic oak tree standing tall and proud…..waving its limbs in the cool breeze as if to say, “Look at me!  I’m still standing strong after all these years.”  Oak trees can rise more than 100 feet above the ground and have trunks 6 to 7 feet in diameter.  I read about one valley oak in Gridley, California that had a trunk 9 feet in diameter and was more than 600 years old!  

            The reason for the strength and longevity of the mighty oak tree is its root system.  Even a young tree has a tap root which can reach 60 feet deep to search for groundwater.  As the tree matures, it develops a tiered root system with feeders that permeate different layers in the soil…thus easily finding the water needed for growth, as well as embedding itself securely in the dirt.  Not only are they beautiful, but some of these trees can produce up to a ton of acorns in a good year.

            We should all strive to be like the mature valley oak tree…spiritually speaking!  With roots reaching deep, finding the Living Water for our thirsty soul.  As our faith grows deeper and stronger, we will be able to withstand the storms that inevitably are going to come! May we be productive and grow much fruit of the Spirit…especially the fruit of JOY!!

            Let’s stand strong like the mighty oak as the Father generously lavishes us with His Living Water.  

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