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Monday, May 22, 2017

God's Joy Overflows with His Goodness

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  It’s a good thing…any way you look at it!

            Author and speaker, Susie Larson warns us that: “We can lose our way and our footing in a heartbeat the minute we think life is good because we are good; or that God owes us when life gets uncomfortable.”

            The reality is that we can NEVER be good enough to earn God’s favor! That’s why Jesus came!  And though God doesn’t owe us anything, He wants to give us everything good! Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins.  That is enough! God proved His love for us by giving us His Son.

            Let’s be cautious when we get to a point in our life that we begin to think we are spiritually mature! Yes, we certainly want to grow in our Christian walk but the process never ends. We should never stop learning! God often has to teach us new things….and REteach some things we thought we’d already learned. 

            Dr Warren Wiersbe explains:
“There are many dangers to maturity as well as to immaturity, and one of them is over-confidence. When we think we are strong, we discover that we are weak…Good beginnings do not guarantee good endings. Experience must be balanced with caution, for we never come to a place in our Christian walk where we are free from temptation and failure…Yet, God provides a way for us to overcome.” IF we will look toward Him!

            Let’s aim toward spiritual maturity…all the while depending on God to help us walk His path of joy, one step at a time!

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