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Friday, June 3, 2016

Written Joy

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  Write someone a note of encouragement and share a special kind of joy!

            In these times of computers, email, cell phones and tablets, we sometimes forget to use the old-fashioned pen and paper method of encouraging one another. Who doesn’t like to receive a hand-written personal note from someone who has words of gratitude or congratulations & just “thinking of you”? The fact that someone cared enough to invest their time in such a loving action…means much. When was the last time you dropped a card or letter in the mail?

            Written encouragement truly is a gift of joy.
·         It’s deliberate; and that deliberate action sometimes means even more than the words one says in the note.
·         Written encouragement is definite. One can go back and read and reread as often as they’d like.  It’s a continual definite reminder.
·         And it’s also direct. Verbal encouragement is good, but we can miss the mark sometimes when we speak.  However, as we write our words, we are thoughtful and careful to make sure that our thoughts are captured appropriately.
·         Written words are durable…they are the gift that keeps on giving! A spoken word may soon be forgotten; but a written word lasts long.

 (Some of this info came from David Jeremiah’s The Joy of Encouragement.)

            The scripture verse in Acts 15:31 sums it up well:

“When they read the letter they rejoiced over its encouragement.” 

                Who do you know that needs a written word of encouragement? Let’s write that note today…with JOY!

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