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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fill Up with Hope & Joy

             Have you had your JOY JUICE today?  It really helps to be filled up when tough times come your way.

            None of us like to experience heartache and trouble. But the fact is that life is full of problems and trials.  Some people have the false notion that Christians should be immune from problems.  But that’s not what the Bible teaches!  We are to “rejoice in the Lord, always”, as Philippians 4:4 instructs; but that doesn’t mean that we will always be in a state of extreme happiness!

            Author James A. Kitchens writes that there are two major types of joy: internal joy and external joy. Internal joy comes from within….from a heart filled with the love of Christ; external joy (otherwise known as happiness) comes and goes with whatever is happening on the outside… in our environment.  When the circumstances change, so do our emotions.

            The key is this: if we are filled up on the inside with the love and joy of the Lord, then regardless of what’s happening on the outside, we can cling to our relationship with Him.  Though we may not feel happy, we can still be JOYful in hope as Romans 12:12 says.

            So, concentrate on your relationship with the Master Hope Giver….you’ll discover that He gives unlimited servings of genuine joy!

            Fill up on the inside with the joy of Jesus and  overflow onto others!

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