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Friday, April 8, 2016

Attitude of Gratitude = Joy in Your Heart

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  You’ll be thankful you did…because it will add joy to your day!

            Many times we find ourselves complaining; sometimes our concerns are legitimate... but, does complaining help at all?  I think not!  A person with “magnetic joy” mostly likely is a person with an attitude of gratitude in all circumstances.  Listen this the poem by Janina Jayme. She says it well: 

When you are ungrateful
When your mood’s a stormy day;
When you think "Woe is Me" and
nothing goes your way... 

When you’re feeling anxious
for each dawn you have to greet,
Take on an "Attitude of Gratitude"
and your life will be complete.

 When you can't acknowledge
the gifts God gave to you ,
When emotions of helplessness
overcome out of the blue; 

When there's something missing
in your heart or in your soul…
take on an “Attitude of Gratitude"
and you'll know which way to go... 

For "Attitude of Gratitude"
is what God had in mind
When He blessed with friends and family
and the hour glass of time... 

Time to smell the roses,
walk along the beach;
 aroma of coffee brewing
or Sunday morning preach. 

Be grateful for each raindrop
for the sun is on its way.
Your "Attitude of Gratitude"
Thanks God for each new day...

           Let’s put on our attitude of gratitude and be a joy magnet for the Lord!   

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