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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Be Joyfully Free

            Have you had your Joy Juice today?  When you’ve have your personal serving of joy in the Lord, it becomes much easier to share it with others.

            When you give to people, do you do it freely…no strings attached, expecting nothing in return?  Or do you give with a motive...thinking that one day you will need a favor or a gift. Often we give from the goodness of our heart, but when our gift does not seem to be appreciated, we are offended. We think, “Well, the least they could have said was ‘Thank you!”.  Right?

            Susie Larson writes, “We are free when we are able to give without expecting a thank-you, and serve without getting the credit.  We won’t always have to be right, first, or noticed because those things won’t define us. JESUS WILL!”

            (Yikes!) That gets my attention! How about you?  Are we more concerned with being appreciated for the things we do for others or are we simply content to be the hands and feet of Jesus, knowing that we are doing what He has directed us to do?

            Be reminded that Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. Imagine the dirt that came from those men’s dusty feet, yet Jesus did not seem to mind the filth.  What can be learned from His example?  “(Jesus) showed us the secret to seeing others as He sees them.  We are taught from this significant act how to really love the unlovely…even if that unlovely person is the one staring back from us in the mirror.”  (Susie Larson)

            Serve freely; love unconditionally; share the joy of Jesus and become a reflection of the beauty of Christ.  

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