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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Accept His Acceptance and Be Infused with His Joy!

             Have you had your Joy Juice today?  Accept the joy that Jesus wants to give you today…and every day.  It’s always available; but it can be ours only when we decide to accept it.

            God accepts us as we are; the challenge comes in “accepting His acceptance”.  Susie Larson so eloquently explains in her book The Uncommon Woman…(which also applies to men BTW)….that “accepting acceptance means having the courage to face your foibles (quirks) without it diminishing your value.  Accepting acceptance means refusing to let others define you, because God already has. Accepting acceptance means cherishing the fact that you’ve been bought with a price, and thus embracing the call to become more and more like Christ every day.”

            One of the most important aspects of a strong faith in God is to understand “Whose” we are. “We are a divine creation by a Masterful Artist, and we were made to bring Him glory, to bear much fruit and to reflect His love.” (Susie Larson)

            When we accept the acceptance of God, we will be infused with His joy as we bear the fruit of the Spirit.  When others see us, they will see a reflection of God’s love.  We are never forced to “accept” any of God’s gifts…but why would we ever want to refuse them?  Does pride stand in our way? Apathy? Peer pressure?  Not one of those is a good reason.

            In 2016 let’s begin afresh, accepting God’s acceptance and being a reflection of His love and joy.

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